Wednesday, 5 September 2012

New Travels!

Good Evening and greetings from Doha International Airport, the world's only international transport hub lacking in the omnipresent and (recently) health-conscious Olympic sponsor: MacDonald's. The absence of the infamous golden arches or any other larger burger/fried chicken/artery blocking/brain-washing franchise has somewhat stunned me into a quiet disbelief and realization that, in London, I am no more. This is especially so after a year of 'slumming it' in a South London Council estate, where the smells of fried chicken and weed generally permeate the sweating walls of such a pillar of English social welfare. But there we go.

So, my trip to Malaysia and Vietnam has begun smoothly enough - apart from hurling a tampon at a slightly bewildered security guard in Doha Airport (twice, by accident, for God's sake!). I am spending five weeks in total in both countries, and hope to keep in touch with anyone interested in my travels with this blog - so watch this space!

Off to Kuala Lumpur now - as you do.

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