Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Goodbye Bangkok

So, it appears to be the end. I am actually cheating and writing this final blog about our adventures from the comfort of my own bed (which also appears to be covered in cat vomit - but oh well, its home). It is nice to be back, I guess there are perks such as being able to flush toilet paper down the loo without fear of the toilet regurgitating what just went in - pleasant. There's also proper cheese here, like Camembert, which is unbeatable. However, 48 hours into being back home, I am already planning where to go next - I appear to be somewhat of an addict when it comes to this travelling malarkey.

Indeed, good old Bangkok gave me an excellent argument to go back ASAP in my last few hours on her hippie-ridden streets. As I sat waiting for the drivers of our airport-mini-bus to squeeze a few more exhausted backpackers into the vehicle (usually you're lucky if you get your own seat), I observed a rather excellent scene. It was 6am on Khaosan Road and the last western drunks were sitting in a bar, nursing their oncoming hangovers with Sang Som (Thai Whiskey). They were the usual types: donning a couple of stray dreadlocks, ridiculous tattoos which usually depict either some form of Indonesian prayer or a good old tribal tramp stamp. In a Chekhov-esque fashion, one such man was staring into the middle distance, and the middle distance suddenly became a Bangkok police-man. I thought something was going to kick off as the policeman decidedly strode towards this one particular drunk/druggie/hippy. But to my surprise, the policeman patted the inebriated man on the shoulder, sat down and took a massive swig out the bottle of Sang Som on the table.

Now, how is that not a brilliant sight? Don't get me wrong, the police in Thailand are no cuddly teddy bears and respect for the authorities is of paramount importance, but that policeman summed up what I love about Thailand: it is relaxed, fun an above all, it is welcoming. While I have spent quite a bit of this blog slating my fellow travelers, I have perhaps neglected to praise the countries I have visited. So here it goes: if you have the chance to go to Laos and Thailand, then don't think about it, BLOODY GO! Grab your shorts, your bikini, get a good travel insurance, leave your hash pipe behind (you can buy that on Khaosan Road if you want, don,'t you worry) and go. In the words of one wise lady boy, "It's one life and there's no return and no deposit" (yes I have just quoted 'I am what I am' from a lady boy drag show - but they've got a point, although in a slightly different context). Anyway, I had an amazing six weeks and cannot wait for my next trip to South East Asia. Keep an eye on this blog, we shall see each other again in the future. Thanks for reading. x

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  1. Sounds like a really amazing, eye opening trip! Guess the wilds of Steilacoom pale in comparison !!? but you could come here and then backpack to Alaska or something?!