Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Thai Massage

When you go for a Thai massage, check who your masseuse is. Or, if you make the same mistakes I made, you might end up with a 70 kilo Thai man taking a stroll on your back. Because that is what a Thai massage is: painful. They twist you, bend you, walk on you, and stick their fingers in your ears. It's like a form of revenge for Western tourists taking over Khaosan Road, getting pissed and wanting to see 'ping pong' shows (google that if you don't know what I'm on about). Revenge for the behavior of tourists like Sean from Ireland, who we found wandering Khaosan Road at six in the morning, drunk off his faced and convinced that fish were eating his feet. But I am diverging from the point. If you want a nice relaxing lovely massage, you know, like the ones in movies, don't get a Thai one. And if you do, that's your own loss, you bloody masochist.

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