Thursday, 28 July 2011

Hello and thank you all for visiting - even if it is just to to read this first line, shake your heads and think, "God I've actually enjoyed not having to listen to this crazy woman for a couple of weeks, why bother reading her blog?" Dear Reader, I shall tell you why it is worth your while and designated internet stalking time to read this darn thing: I am travelling through Thailand and Laos for 5 weeks with my dear friend Georgina - and neither have us have a clue what the hell it is we are doing. Not an idea, a glimmer or glimpse of what is reasonable behaviour in southeast Asia. Hence, we do stupid things. End up in stupid places or eat stupid food. We don't mean to, honestly. We are just what the Thais call typical 'farang' - foreigners, and this, my dear reader is why you should tune in to my blog once in a while, even if it is just to laugh at us.

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